About Us

Crescentwood Chandlery was born in 2020 while enduring a sleepless deep dive on the interwebs until 3am searching for small business ideas. I found that candles seemed to be something everyone has, likes, and even if you don’t like them they seem to find their way into your home somehow. Candle making is a fairly female dominated industry but as a man who likes candles along with defying stereotypes I soon became a mid-30’s man making candles in the furnace room in my basement. The prototypes worked…for the most part, and then began proof of concept and the farmers markets that followed.

Months later with a new year ahead of us, I decided to actually do this and my wonderful wife (pregnant at the time) was encouraging and helped with the designs, labels, Instagram, and now website...basically everything. Come to think of it all I do is make candle and she does the rest! It has become a true family endeavour and a pleasure to hear customers rave about my scents, crackling wicks and my sometimes ridiculous names and descriptions of my candles.

We pride ourselves on quality, only natural and non-toxic ingredients are used and every candle is hand wicked, hand poured, hand labeled and hand delivered by me. I have found a love for all things hand crafted by real people in real cities with real passions and stories behind their products. Business has since boomed and it’s been a real pleasure to share the journey with all my friends and family as we now take on the next chapter of growing Crescentwood Chandlery.

We thank you all who continue to support this small home grown local company in the Crescentwood community of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. My family and I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!